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I used to be Capt. Yossarian, but forgot my password and it won't email it to me. :( But anyway, im...

4th May 2004 07:05

So sorry for not searching. Old Name: Friend of the Devil New Name: -Aqualung- Thanks.

31st May 2005 20:05

The world is flat, by Thomas Friedman.

27th May 2005 10:05

Looks like Wisebobo has become a spammer...

27th May 2005 11:05

Now, I'm a fan of gun control myself, but that is just stupid.

28th May 2005 12:05

If that's real, whenever I disagree with you in the Pub I'll just post it. I'm also gonna make an "...

29th May 2005 07:05

Uh... She looks kinda like an illustration.

29th May 2005 12:05

Don't upright bass strings cost a lot of money? I need to get new banjo strings.

29th May 2005 12:05

You need me for your bumhole. My pubic brush will quickly clean you with its back and forth motion.

30th May 2005 02:05

Nemmerle*Sigh* Ah the hypocrisy, it's hard even to know where to begin. I'll put it this way: Anyon...

31st May 2005 09:05

For me, the ability to be entertained by explosions is ruined when someone gets hurt, whether or not...

31st May 2005 09:05

Old name: Friend of the Devil New Name: Aqualung [COLOR=Red]TAKEN[/COLOR]

31st May 2005 11:05

79 points. Thank you illegal karma game.

4th June 2005 06:06

Well, there are three things I want to be. The first is a professional musician. The second is the...

2nd June 2005 11:06

Mack and I were having a conversation, and I wanted to know if what I said sounds wrong to anyone el...

2nd June 2005 11:06

I don't think a stub can go in a circle. PENIS JOKE!!! 0nW3d!!!111!!!11oneoneone

1st June 2005 20:06

http://media02.liquidblue.com/imagedb/tshirts/rock/_Large/11581f.jpg That beauty.

1st June 2005 10:06

Don't declaw your cat. Not only is it painful and often leads to infection, but it part of your cat...

26th May 2005 10:05

Get a cat. Or better yet, two cats. They fight and make amusing noises. Most importantly, they ar...

25th May 2005 09:05

I'm in 8th grade and I took them earlier, before they changed it. I got around a 750 in English and...

4th June 2005 10:06

I have to walk 2 miles to school.

20th May 2005 21:05

Mob Law: A mob is only as intelligent as its stupidest member divided by the number of people in it...

21st May 2005 05:05

Cheesegrater. I just wash my face, use some facial wipe pads, when it was really bad I got some cre...

22nd May 2005 08:05

Silver=> Kill her Easy. Orange=> Brutal decapitation for a necrophiliac party. But thats onl...

22nd May 2005 13:05

Großadmiral Dönitzguess so, ut liberals suck as do authoritarians. Yous save just below the middle,...

23rd May 2005 00:05