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Well, it's been a long time(almost a year, in fact) since i finally released my medieval knight pack...

3rd August 2009 07:08

there were only 4 entries to the mapping contest, i'm sure there'd be way more in a skinning contest...

7th September 2009 04:09

wow. Those clan tags are LONG. That takes up more digits than people's names.

28th August 2009 03:08

TBH KOTOR 1 was the most non-star-wars-y star-wars-related thing i have ever seen. Of course kotor 2...

28th August 2009 03:08

Instead of force powers you should have money. And make it never recharge. Only make it recharge if...

28th August 2009 18:08

Master chief. No one has made a decent master chief model(or even skin). The only models are ports.

28th August 2009 18:08

what's it about? Any screenshots?

29th August 2009 18:08

Forgotten Hope 00:15:05 The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.2: Part 1 by: Lightning...

5th September 2009 08:09

[COLOR=Black]Double post, disregard this[/COLOR]

5th September 2009 09:09


5th September 2009 15:09

5th September 2009 15:09

why not?

7th September 2009 01:09

i could help with skinning if the map goes into production.

7th September 2009 01:09

Skinning contest Skinning

9th September 2009 04:09

ADDING THE UPLOAD OF THE VERSION 4.0(it's still uploading.) It should be noted that npc support hasn...

25th August 2009 04:08

I'm serious, only like three files not related to the mapping contest posted in one week!!! Two or t...

9th September 2009 07:09

I don't believe i've read the comments in question. @ ppl who don't read the rules, WE DON'T LIKE YO...

10th September 2009 03:09

It was bound to happen. My least favorite skin(the one that got totally rushed. It was done in about...

15th September 2009 08:09

So any ideas on how it can be improved?

17th September 2009 05:09

I don't see any shadows tbh... Of course, i'd love it if it was possible to add chrome shaders to sk...

18th September 2009 03:09

I really don't like how the thread starter actually used real examples. That's really just a persona...

18th September 2009 03:09

Jk3files is not a bunch of elitist dickheads!

18th September 2009 04:09

Hey holland, if you don't like the file, DONT F**KING LOOK AT IT NUB. EDIT:LOL no swear filter.

18th September 2009 17:09

edeholland;5010514Yes, one would expect the moderators to use their 'moderating' power in a mature w...

19th September 2009 03:09

i will not do a change as drastic as changing the metal, but i will fix the cape.

19th September 2009 18:09