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hi guys any1 know where i can get hold of any new maps cause ive just downloaded map pack 1 and 2 bu...

21st September 2004 16:09

Can't wait to see how the Uglies compare to the other fighters in-game.

27th June 2007 16:06

Thanks zuiquan. Sorry for being a FH n00b,btw. EDIT:My computer can't access the site to download FH...

7th June 2007 12:06

Whenever I go to play online,I can't enable P(unk)B(uster). A message pops up and says "PB can't be...

7th June 2007 13:06

Thanks. PB works for all my other games except this one.

7th June 2007 14:06

This mod sounds cool. Do you plan on releasing a Beta version to the public anytime soon?

25th June 2007 18:06

Yes,we need more New Republic/NJO/Legacy Era mods.

25th June 2007 18:06

Kashyyyk,Rhen Var,Thule and the Thule Moon,and the ones Slayer posted.

26th June 2007 10:06

Yea,you should stop by our forums sometime.

27th June 2007 01:06

LOL. That's alot of ideas and Derrick is right. That's when they first activated the ARCs. I should...

27th June 2007 16:06

Are there going to be anymore versions of FH1 when FH2 is finished? Or will they only develop stuff...

5th June 2007 11:06

Do you need beta testers?

27th June 2007 17:06

Can I test then? I have current experience testing Jedi Consular's SotE mod and am still currently p...

27th June 2007 18:06

Me,too. I'm part of Jedi Consular's Beta Testing team for his mod,SotE and have reported numerous bu...

27th June 2007 18:06

Thanks. When you're ready to release the first Beta Testing version,just PM me a link to the site yo...

28th June 2007 13:06

Yea,really. Why the Killer Penguin?

28th June 2007 17:06

Nice screens. Is that what I'll be testing? :)

28th June 2007 18:06

The Moldy Crow is Kyle's ship. It would be strange if he didn't. :)

29th June 2007 18:06

Has anyone made a Omaha Beach map for FH1? Or a Utah Beach?

5th June 2007 13:06

What is it and where can I download it?

5th June 2007 11:06

Can I beta test when you get a version ready to test?

29th June 2007 23:06

Will you send it to me also? It looks pretty cool.

16th April 2007 23:04

No,it says that the A6 has 2 anti-perrsonel blaster cannons in the Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Secti...

15th March 2007 13:03

The A5 doesn't have side turrets!

15th March 2007 15:03

Yea,they look too light.

19th March 2007 11:03