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HEY anyone plz help me here i am trying to learn how to skin but help is hard to find I just got pho...

25th March 2003 06:03

Is negative critism alway sbad though cause thanks to raisin he may learn not to be so "random" .......

13th April 2003 01:04


10th August 2006 22:08


8th August 2006 13:08

Yep he is and he is the one that brought the idea to remake the clan up ! yay blaze

8th August 2006 06:08

well we are gonna continue and Try harder ... if you wanna check it out .

8th August 2006 00:08

Hello , Just wanted to let the community know that we are coming back to the JKA world . We have obt...

17th July 2006 20:07

Ok i saw some videos of in game play by someone in WOV well i was wondering how to do that like i wa...

15th June 2003 06:06

SWEEEEEEET ty very much i will try then when i get the chance Oh you like my new AVatar ? ;)

10th June 2003 05:06

Ok guys i am having serious trouble wit hskins these days , I just Semi Finished My version of Rava...

9th June 2003 15:06

Hey Auto could you give me a URL for your skin man i wanna check it out in Game play man TY that oul...

20th April 2003 22:04

I was wondering if someone could give me a URL for everything i need for maping i wanna try it out a...

13th April 2003 22:04

Sweet :stallard:

13th April 2003 16:04

Is skinning gonna be done the same way on Jedi Knight 3 as it would on JK2 if anyone has the answers...

12th April 2003 22:04

i could but i am a n00b skinner so anyone else that reads this HELP ME!!!!!lol plz :lookaround:

25th March 2003 07:03

sry about the spelling i meant the door i was talking about

28th March 2003 20:03

wohooo 2 gods replied Oh rasin the door i a tlking about it right beside the water pump in the wate...

28th March 2003 20:03

OK this is about the new updated council map . ok when you go under the water fall there is the big...

28th March 2003 07:03

i have some requests -Squall Leonheart (FFVIII) -Seifer (FFVIII) thats all i want lol

25th March 2003 09:03

almost everythging once i am done editing the skin how do i get playable

25th March 2003 09:03

Ok now people that are looking at this may think it turned in a banner problem but no it didn't i st...

25th March 2003 08:03

this is a test

25th March 2003 08:03

i sure do now this is gonna work right right heh lol

25th March 2003 08:03

lol i think i understood that

25th March 2003 08:03

yes finally a reply ty so much i will have to try that :bows: :bows: TY man and how do you get pic...

25th March 2003 08:03
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