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igot this error also ...I cured it by uninstalling the game -removing the remaining ut2004 folder in...

1st September 2004 10:09

killing rampage...Lithuania perchance?

10th November 2007 18:11

hey rebs and kitty

10th November 2007 06:11

heh, normally i just hang out in the modding section of many games. The rogue was my spam device...

10th November 2007 07:11

i'm on

10th November 2007 07:11

attention all roguers, msn now!

10th November 2007 07:11

nonsense! i only use these forums for my modding, i make intelligent posts...

10th November 2007 09:11

Tell us when!

10th November 2007 12:11

Most excellent!

10th November 2007 18:11

Theres the first sensible thing from you in a while :p I'm guessing that the rogue is having freques...

10th November 2007 06:11


10th November 2007 19:11

He's right... i keep wanting to go on the rogue, and then keep remembering i can't :(

11th November 2007 08:11

Hey, basically i was wondering how you could get regular weapon scopes to act like the binoculars. w...

11th November 2007 08:11

i can get on! yaysorz! *edit* nup, can't post anything though... *editing of the edit* can't go on...

11th November 2007 09:11

hold me?

11th November 2007 11:11

Sovereign002;4028645Who're you? guess...

11th November 2007 13:11

us rogues are masters of spam, and we make a habit of knowing our enemies ;)

10th November 2007 06:11

ah there we go! thanks for your help brusher!

24th October 2007 08:10


12th November 2007 14:11

yah, you get the db extractor and select the DB you want to extract DB 0 has all the data files and...

22nd September 2007 09:09

1. could someone put that in a spoiler tag? 2. The gamedata folder is only generated so that mods ca...

11th September 2007 04:09

smexy... don't spose theres an individual mod package tho? meh, ill be patient as it dl's...

11th September 2007 18:09

Make sure you change you dynamic lighting option to static. that's a major drain on all your systems...

11th September 2007 18:09

changed the file "fsgame.ltx" so you have changed the line $game_data$ = false| tr...

11th September 2007 18:09

too much effort just for a game. And chances are it wont work. My Bro is on Vista and it still lags...

13th September 2007 04:09