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Hy i need help with my textures. When i make a map with my own textures they look normal in radiant...

23rd January 2006 22:01

I just wanna know where to put tags cause i cant import md3 to see where to put them on sword i make...

30th January 2006 04:01

Could someone say where to get gmax plugin that imports md3? The ones in sticky didnt work.:uhm:

29th January 2006 04:01

Which file is it?

29th January 2006 15:01

I tried it doesnt work for me Maybie i use it wrong? How do you use it?

29th January 2006 16:01

Could someone say what tags are and what tags do and how to make tags? I wanna make sword midel but...

29th January 2006 17:01

Could someone please say me what tags do i need to make a sword in gmax?...

29th January 2006 22:01

Thanks alot!!!!! Now ill can make my own swords. :) Where do i put those tag sand how to rotate them...

30th January 2006 00:01

Could someone please say where do i put those tags?

30th January 2006 02:01

What kinda clan do you need?

30th January 2006 02:01

It doesnt tells about hand tag it says that its green tag and leva it how it is it says only about t...

30th January 2006 18:01

I know:rolleyes:

27th January 2006 19:01

I cant see my sword in game. Could you know why?

30th January 2006 20:01

hey i have a problem, when i try to start sims 2 nightlife it starts to install daemon but daemon in...

6th February 2006 21:02

hey i have a problem, when i try to start sims 2 nightlife it starts to install daemon but daemon in...

6th February 2006 21:02

I would really like to make a mvie using sims2 but i dont know how to make them move and talk what i...

8th February 2006 02:02

I think i could try but if you need someone who knows scripts too then thats not me. But else i coul...

4th March 2006 16:03

yeah!!!! im in time zone +2 and my e-mail is [email][/email] im in totally!!!! If i...

5th March 2006 20:03

btw why are you offline at msn? be allways offline. Allmost allways.:uhm:

5th March 2006 21:03

I get this so i start to make jungle level.:nodding:

6th March 2006 00:03

i could make it but my skills arent so good. Ill try but dont wait anything good or anything at all....

13th May 2006 16:05

Hi could someone give me tutorial how to make sword in gmax? Thanks.

27th January 2006 19:01

Yeehaa!!! I wanted to make a screen in game and guess what? TEXTURES WORK FINE!!!!! JIPPIII!!!!!!:bo...

26th January 2006 16:01

Thanks!!:D How can brushes be too small? I dont think that screens will help i have radiant 1.3.12....

23rd January 2006 23:01

But get it please!!!!!:) Not working!!!! I downloaded 1.4.0 and it shows same small textures.

24th January 2006 01:01
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