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my focus for EU is solely based on Karen Traviss novels and anything from legacy of the force and be...

19th March 2009 08:03

i've noticed that too, a quote on my ig-88 or hk-47 poll disappeared then reappeared again, wierd

14th March 2009 06:03

For the record, this Post was to say who was the best at BEING MANDALORIAN, in all sense of the word...

13th March 2009 06:03

meh, just bummed out

13th March 2009 06:03

Lucasarts vrook easy nihilus

13th March 2009 06:03

vrook If theres one thing I hate, it is him. Its sad when a crotchety old jack@ss like him is tough...

17th October 2009 11:10