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18th May 2006 06:05

Alright, the MD3 works fine, but the GLM is having lots of problems. Ive aligned it to the imported...

10th May 2006 11:05

Well its for a mod based on the movie so thats the point >.

10th May 2006 08:05

Its not read its orange! :P Like this?

20th May 2006 11:05

....that so very une-11 like... lol and uhh... im not gonna do it... it just isnt right.

6th May 2006 10:05

Oh that, tis easy, you just add the frames to the other .gla file and just find new numbers. A DH-1...

24th April 2006 08:04

Yes but its always called or used like a rifle.... IE: MBII!!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least battlefront g...

27th April 2006 08:04

meh i hit my head on something....mesa havent played BF in a LONGGGG while but i got a SS of the sco...

29th April 2006 11:04

A scope/stockless version wouldnt be too hard... but why? Also slusk the one at the begginning of th...

29th April 2006 22:04

Your all brainwashed!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAD SCOPES AND THEY HAD STOCKS. They just 1. didnt EXTEND the st...

30th April 2006 10:04


2nd May 2006 07:05

I knows Inyri, but I want to see if itll work in multiple peices each peice being under 1000 just to...

2nd May 2006 09:05

Right now its like only about 1300 NO WAY am i getting 32000.. Im aiming for about 2000, already im...

2nd May 2006 10:05

Okay >.< wow. I was just reducing a lot of polies..... just now.... *update* YAY got it down...

2nd May 2006 11:05

o.o vhat?

4th May 2006 06:05

When its done, right now its less than half done, i got other projects too, im getting sidetracked b...

5th May 2006 13:05

exactly. though i might get some new sounds and efx

6th May 2006 11:05

Well, tell me guys.... does this look finished?

10th May 2006 07:05

Making a new weapon slot is impossible in JKA. At least im told so.

7th May 2006 00:05

Seen in ANH on Tantive IV and I think in RoTJ on Endor.

7th May 2006 11:05

Okay for one thing. On the forums they specifically said when someone asked for this weapon or that,...

8th May 2006 04:05

o.o so thats what its called. By the way its 600 tris but WAS 272 polys... =P Yes and im sure to d...

8th May 2006 04:05

Hmmm levels you say? Remove the levels, try, you might. I know Escape: Yavin 4: The Lost Maps edited...

8th May 2006 04:05

o.o something's messed up with the back.... i think you should delete ALL the faces of the back and...

8th May 2006 04:05

lol! Thanks so much for ref pics FireFox

8th May 2006 11:05