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I have the most recent BF1942 patch along with the dc final client, when i try to play a map all i s...

21st October 2004 10:10

Sooo there is a way to make a repulse not so hard in briefly(for Newbies xD)

15th September 2009 21:09

hey chalk good signature xD so...!!! how is the Facility going men xD??

22nd October 2009 23:10

mmmm...!!! xD

22nd October 2009 17:10

hi chalk xD how is the TF going men??

18th October 2009 15:10

how is the Facility going??

17th October 2009 12:10

thanks for re-uploading it xD

16th October 2009 19:10

umm. ok men and thanks...hope soon i can download the file :D

16th October 2009 00:10

make a force push effect men xD EDIT: and why i cant download de saber in the page 5 ;(

15th October 2009 20:10

TFU: USE :naughty:ohhhh!!! i want it now!! XD:rofl:

14th October 2009 23:10

yep xD!! we are off topic right now jaja!! xD

12th October 2009 18:10

the games always be hacked men xD!!

12th October 2009 11:10

yeah , yeah but JAU is gonna be released in 2050 because it is a TC and TC's takes years:(

4th October 2009 12:10

without a repulse in jedi academy im gonna die:( xD... because i have to wait the release of Ultimat...

3rd October 2009 18:10

no, now i fix it it was 2 missing files XD

15th September 2009 21:09

i didnt get any errors while installing, when i try to join an online game, i tried el alamein usin...

21st October 2004 22:10

:eek:so thereĀ“s a demo of JAU :eek: P.D: Spior do u speak a little spanish And u have MSN??

15th September 2009 19:09

Any Solution:confused:

15th September 2009 19:09

its from kotf (iknow that sucks but for me its ok)

15th September 2009 14:09

But This just happen when i put lightning lvl 1 or 2 please HELP!!

15th September 2009 14:09

I find a bug when you are healing you with the force power looks like :bawl:untextured

14th September 2009 00:09

hey and where i can find a repulse for jedi academy:confused:

3rd September 2009 16:09

men the maps are cool:bows:i wish u luck in your TC

27th July 2009 14:07

Thanks man:bows:

27th July 2009 11:07

coul be this: a sith killed the family of the jedi when the jedi was a kid, when he wrogs is lookin...

26th July 2009 23:07
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