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I created my server for SH with the cfg file and i changed the ports on my router and when i click m...

4th October 2004 08:10

Does anybody know why?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confuse...

13th April 2008 05:04

Man thats really to bad. Screw drunk drivers!:sitonit:

16th April 2008 04:04

Did you not get hurt some time ago?

16th April 2008 03:04

I was wondering what had happened to carto?:confused:

15th April 2008 21:04


15th April 2008 20:04

If your guys campaign is dead you should consider putting all you work online for other people to us...

15th April 2008 05:04

:rofl:YA!:rofl: I'ts back up "go Dennis"

13th April 2008 20:04


13th April 2008 08:04

I AM BACK-BETTER THEN BEFORE!!!!! :Pc::band::band:

13th April 2008 08:04

Jackle;4309347His brother, too, said that he broke his arm. And he's damaged part of his nervous sys...

18th April 2008 22:04

Crashing problem when trying to join internet game "works on LAN" need help:uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh...

4th April 2008 08:04

the last post was from 3 yaears ago!!!:o:o:o:o:o

24th March 2008 01:03

I can't "target" its not even in key mapping on my game? is the a target key? i see on youtube wer...

20th March 2008 09:03

well i am not going to mod cod. PC MOD IS THE WAY!:naughty:

31st December 2007 03:12

Hay it's ARKaMAN and i'm leaving halo modding behind because of this. :naughty::naughty:http://w...

29th December 2007 02:12

Hmm this tread is useless:curse::curse:

29th December 2007 00:12

this means beer:beer: not G. ALE

29th December 2007 00:12

thanks and yes this place is like a grave yard:assimilate:

29th December 2007 00:12

can i ask for cd keys or is that against the rules? like some cd keys for cod 2

4th December 2007 05:12

Shut your mouth he broke HIS ARM!:curse::devil::angry::KTA::lies::ditto:

17th April 2008 19:04

Join this clan if you like to mod halo "CE" more than you like to play it. "by no means will we let...

8th May 2008 00:05

i don't know how to do that but when this gets going any body could take a shot at it

30th November 2007 22:11

I can't seem to get to the web site with the dds to iwi. any help you could send me the file at X-fi...

7th July 2008 21:07

ITS COMING OUT TONIGHT 8:00 PM GMT-6 With its own dedicated server! Watch the trailer now! YouTube...

12th April 2009 01:04