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When i try to compile my mp map it it brings up the doss window then it terns off and opens Assimila...

30th August 2002 15:08

:D :rock: :dance: I found out what the problem was my computer only compiles outosave_mp or sp map s...

1st September 2002 13:09

My skin pic files will not open it ses file can not be found what do i do:confused:

1st September 2002 14:09

Right the model dafines the shap of the object and the skin is just a simple texter. thay are very d...

1st September 2002 15:09

Dude its cg_dismember 0 to 100 for exampl /cg_dismember 100 :dance:

1st September 2002 15:09

ok ill try to get it thx:dance: :) :cya: :lol: :fistpunch:

3rd September 2002 22:09

how do you do the kill tracker x i tryed to email him but he wont reply me so i need help from some...

3rd September 2002 22:09

Its not runing when i put the word to start it up it doesent say it located me and i tried to say /n...

4th September 2002 06:09

well when i try to open it, it says sorry check if you have the latest update of this product:o

4th September 2002 15:09

When I made a ship into my map the midle parts of the ship arnt lighted there just black what do I d...

19th September 2002 02:09 o and how do i make a mear floor:cool:

23rd September 2002 21:09