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 I graduated with a Software Engineering degree back in 2012, and failed to create a startup indie game.  I currently work with propane accounting software and primarily use C#/SQL (but use other tools and languages all the time).   I am an idealistic person grounded in sci-fi such as Star Trek, Orville, and other similar atmospheres.  I am an open person, and try to be socially aware of what I work on.  I enjoy gaming, software engineering, science, and a bunch of other topics.

In terms of modding, I have been around forever.  I started back in the early 2000s with a game called Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force as a map maker.  I mainly focused on roleplaying maps to use with the RPG-X mod, and a few CTF maps.  I have always been an Elder Scrolls fan, but never got used to the Construction Set.  With the Creation Kit's release for Skyrim, I instantly started creating mods for the game.  Skooma Bear, Skyrim Book Stores, Skyrim Pizza, Nessie - The Tale of 350, Morthal's Ghastly Mine, and Pneuma Manor are just a few of my projects.

I started a tutorial series once I got comfortable enough with Papyrus to help with better understanding the scripting language.  I took a programmer's perspective when going over the concepts of the language (haven't gone over Objects in big detail, as time has not permitted for this).  I also have done a few special topic tutorials, such as setting up the Horse Riding feature for Clara Goldspirit over at the Nexus.

I have worked with modders over at the Nexus, and other communities.  A few examples are with Skinnytecboy's M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. music playing feature, a lot of Clara Goldspirit's ai features such as Weather-Awareness, Gift Giving, Horse Riding When Player Is Horse Riding, and Custom Home/Wait Locations.  I am happy to assist with other modders with scripting questions, or general modding questions.  If I don't respond right away, it is most likely due to my currently crazy work schedule.

With the craziness in the world, I have also started using my work to communicate serious topics.  One of these projects is my Social Conscience Series with the first item in the series being a Cryodil Scholar's Speech for Diversity, Unity, and Tolerance.  I am also integrating the material into my Pneuma Manor overhaul that touches on topics with regards to women empowerment and struggles, racism and classism, and a variety of topics while defining the Sixth Era alternate universe background for the player home/research facility.  It is important I use my skills in a positive way.

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