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could anyone help me, i've been having problems. When i save a map to start creating it and then i l...

27th August 2005 18:08

try contacting ea before asking on the forum

2nd December 2005 20:12

help build are realism unit by joing today Stuart [3rd ID] repoting for duty sir!

22nd December 2005 00:12

that doesn't mean we can't talk to other ppl about our thoughts

19th December 2005 20:12

i think there should be some pacific mission where the american start on battleships and carriers. T...

19th December 2005 17:12

HAs anyone played medal of honor frontline, the first lvls are big assualts and then it starts to ge...

19th December 2005 14:12

yer it's" no packet flow" any suggestions on what to do

7th December 2005 18:12

i'll do that, i'll probably do it tomorrow night, i'm not sure if it doing it on mulitplayer because...

5th December 2005 21:12

anything on error no packet flow it may of been that

5th December 2005 19:12

i have a problems like that but it comes out and says my virtual memory is low mabye it could be som...

4th December 2005 16:12

what about error no packaging anything on that

4th December 2005 16:12

I can get into the game now but after playing for some time it kicks me out and punkbuster says some...

4th December 2005 13:12

what internet security do you have

4th December 2005 13:12

I'm getting the sam problems it just started 2night

3rd December 2005 20:12

Bf2 for pc is a waste of money, it would be best to get it for xbox or ps2, because ea are trying to...

3rd December 2005 20:12

If you had looked at other posts you could of found some answers, on the one of my posts it says abo...

2nd December 2005 20:12

happy xmas

23rd December 2005 16:12

Its still doing it any other suggestions

1st December 2005 20:12

Why do you think your such a good pilot, ppl on bf2 dont need training, on games ppl want to do ther...

1st December 2005 17:12

thx i'll try that;)

1st December 2005 17:12

When i get on a server after a while it crashes and comes back to bfhq saying i have an empty win32...

1st December 2005 08:12

With the new patch, if you have norton internet security it will often ask to allow or block and jus...

30th November 2005 18:11

got a problems with new patch, it comes up with norton, saying if you want to allow it etc at a blac...

27th November 2005 09:11

name:chris bf2username:general_cody2 rank:gunnery sergent age:13 gender:male

26th November 2005 21:11

well your not going to get it from a forum, and i dont think a company will sponser a mod

25th November 2005 20:11