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so after yesterday i got strange random disconnects playing at TDP, i thought it would be over the n...

13th July 2008 06:07

Professor Anthrax;4732529As for Omaha Charlie, my main problem is that they don't play REAL Omaha Ch...

22nd December 2008 04:12

Lobo;4738196Well guys, any suggestion must be: 1) believable: "hey devs, I am bored, can the comman...

24th December 2008 07:12

Knitschi;4737753Yes deployable AT-guns sound nice. But they could leave the parachute drop away and...

23rd December 2008 22:12

Waaaaaiiitt! Goooddbyyyyeeeee!

22nd December 2008 10:12

radical_the_ark;4735670I am not 100% sure, but I think that the dutch didn't have shermans. A guess...

22nd December 2008 06:12

Battle of the Netherlands 1940 The Netherlands Kingdom of the netherlands Versus Nazi Germany Vehi...

22nd December 2008 06:12

maybe as the only vehicle that can cross the same minefields as in the desert, but i wonder if its w...

22nd December 2008 05:12

I think you should be able to choose out of those 4 yourself, but when you chosoe 1 all 4 "cools dow...

22nd December 2008 05:12

SawTier;4735492artwie i like this idea of deployable small guns for defense points... but maybe that...

22nd December 2008 05:12

Being a commander while nobody listens to your is just plain boring, There also should be more ass...

22nd December 2008 04:12

And then this; do i miss something, or do i have to skip this?

24th September 2008 04:09

for some reason it solved here by restarting my pc, hope it wont occur again, and i found out it was...

13th July 2008 08:07

I've seen enough, downloading now and currently at 60% See you on the front :cya:

24th September 2008 03:09

Alright ill download it, is there a torrent around here?

24th September 2008 01:09

I want to download FH2 but i just don't know if its worth my 200kb/s a second (sucky internetz) Are...

24th September 2008 00:09

Nice map, it got landing crafts? if you dont its a must for maps like this

9th August 2008 20:08

Admiral Donutz;4490442Well it would be interesting but the obvious downsides would be: A) Money: Mo...

9th August 2008 20:08

Flying Carpet Of Death;4435534what server? Im on TDP now, like to come? =p

15th July 2008 04:07

I will be on tonight, anyone up for some too? =p

14th July 2008 23:07

rocking on it every day, where you lots most play?

14th July 2008 06:07

This are the video's that make me wanna play Fh2 bigtime =p

13th July 2008 20:07

Bf1942 one's still rocks this bigtime :p Not saying this is bad, i like it, just bf 1942's more

13th July 2008 19:07

dear god, what've you eat? a war history book?

27th December 2008 11:12