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With Ashe commanding the fleet

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Hi, I have been facing a strange problem. I have been using demo version of game. When I host th...

26th September 2004 13:09


5th August 2007 18:08

we're still working the list out it should be done soon

15th August 2007 11:08

yeah i agree there

10th August 2007 14:08

the mods going great we're working on hero icons and i'm just training up for the very last battle

6th August 2007 14:08

sounds great:)

5th August 2007 18:08

yeah FF12 rules:nodding:

5th August 2007 18:08

no he doesnt die

2nd August 2007 14:08

yeah i need help for the second battle against vayne

19th August 2007 13:08

i'm back home..... :)the flight delays at tampa airport were really bad.... chaos....:( but its ok n...

31st July 2007 20:07

WOW this rules!!

26th July 2007 16:07

hey guys. i was in orlando but i'm back now

26th July 2007 15:07

sarasota florida

22nd July 2007 00:07

about the SD dying thing:ditto: its BOOOOO-RIIIIIING.....:nodding: its like :sleep: after the second...

22nd July 2007 00:07

yo wussup guys? i'm in sarasota (my flat there).

22nd July 2007 00:07

yo drksbr! i'm in Tampa (on vacation) right now i dnt need any help right now

18th July 2007 19:07

^ very cool screenshots keep it up!

18th August 2007 12:08

my characters need some training. Vann Ashe and Penelo are all lv 37. i got the bubble spell and i h...

20th August 2007 17:08


15th July 2007 00:07

no date yet....... but some screenshots soon:)

28th August 2007 18:08

there will be a shot of the arc170 bombers up tonight:) with them using their sesmic charges:naughty...

16th September 2007 11:09

hey guys my internet went dead on saturday its ok now though

11th September 2007 19:09

i really really like the unit list. very nice work philip!:cool::)

7th September 2007 23:09

i got the music in the game now:)

6th September 2007 21:09

very cool:cool: cant wait to see it:nodding:

5th September 2007 14:09