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ok i have a 7950gx2 1 gig and vista and updated drivers for both graphics card and vista both up to...

31st May 2007 13:05

Grrr i cant find the box does that matter? i know i have it.

20th April 2008 14:04

Hello, Im working on a ut3 map and I need some one to possibly go over the lighting and make it lo...

2nd November 2009 15:11

I say somone makes a mod for crysis that enables your ageia physX card to work with crysis :deal: th...

22nd September 2008 09:09

if they were to make a crysis for 360 they would have to make it support the phyics ppu on the 360 o...

20th July 2008 15:07

i meant UT3

29th May 2008 09:05

my card still ownz your card in the face unr3al

29th May 2008 09:05

so yeah the creators of chaos mod need to make the mod for UT# now that would be pretty freaking swe...

25th May 2008 14:05

that card is only twice as fast only if you have pci express 2.0 without it it is virtual only a bit...

25th May 2008 14:05

8800 ultra XFX Life time warranty 650mhz - eBay (item 130216163896 end time Apr-27-08 01:53:36 PDT)...

23rd April 2008 05:04

is any one interested in a card currently at 250.00 or buy it now for 500 I have all the accessories...

23rd April 2008 05:04

8800 ultra XFX Life time warranty 650mhz - eBay (item 130216163896 end time Apr-27-08 01:53:36 PDT)...

23rd April 2008 05:04

this is an XFX card never overclocked and is life time warrantied even if you overclock it or blow i...

20th April 2008 14:04

yes i do and it stil lisnt working im thinking it cause of the newest nVidia drivers? maybe

3rd June 2007 09:06

any one want one i'm selling it for around 475 this is the XFX extreme 880 ultra 650 mhz plays doom...

17th April 2008 23:04

doom3edit crashes for me too this sucks fricken doom 1.31 patch diddnt work

2nd August 2007 04:08

by the rate the mod is going at it will be done by the year the game takes place 2125:bawl:

9th July 2007 10:07

awww it looked good same as doom chronicles

19th June 2007 10:06

any one know if the phobos mod is still in progress i mean its one of the mods i've been looking for...

17th June 2007 11:06

hey thanks Mr it worked , but do you know of any mod or cfg file that make my doom quality ultra?

17th June 2007 11:06

well it kinda worked but i cant change any settings like AA or resolution and its stuck at high

16th June 2007 13:06

:barf:i had teh same exact 7800gtx then i switched and got a new gfx card newest at time 7950gx2 1 g...

7th June 2007 11:06

wait i have vista and wont those not work with vista i rememeber having to get beta drivers for vist...

6th June 2007 07:06

so where might i find theses drivers????

6th June 2007 07:06

no grids show up and nothing shows up in the view ports.... any tips? here's teh specs Windows 7 q...

3rd November 2009 13:11