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I'm having laggy battlefield only in multiplayer, not sp or when i host a server, and it's happened...

2nd July 2003 06:07

Whenever i play mohaas, the hands of my guy are un-textured and just plain white. Anyone know why th...

17th August 2003 02:08

I've been playing bf religiously for the almost a year now and i agree that it is the best online an...

2nd September 2003 21:09

I play rtr, n all the mods, it's just that sww2 sux......thats blows.

2nd September 2003 07:09

It's the full version. Craaapppptttaaacuullaarr!

2nd September 2003 03:09

Oh, I just noticed that they're charging $30 for SWW2, :uhoh: .....even more mad...

2nd September 2003 02:09

I got Secret Weapons of ww2 today off of ***** really sucks. The only good thing is...

2nd September 2003 02:09

Well the white hands are fixed somehow, but i still am missing sounds in single player.

17th August 2003 06:08

Oh, and I'm missing sounds in single player.

17th August 2003 02:08

You want me to send you the map? Maybe then you could figure something out.

17th August 2003 00:08

crap, in the title i meant paging file

6th August 2003 12:08

Heh, the funny thing is that i just started the map and well, theres only 18 objects in it.

16th August 2003 21:08

naw thers nothing like that in the init.con.

16th August 2003 03:08

Its an XWW2 map, but whenever i open it in bc 2 of the control point that i put dissapear and i have...

16th August 2003 03:08

i haven't edited anything, just changed the terrain, textured, and added a few objects. is this the...

16th August 2003 00:08

Im having trouble with the map, every time i try 2 play it, it crashes 2 desktop right when the load...

15th August 2003 14:08

KoOkiEhere's the thread for the files i made to be able to make xwwii maps in bc: http://forums.nuc...

15th August 2003 01:08

Ok ill try that thanks, also its going to be a XWW2 map and i was wondering how 2 choose what kits c...

14th August 2003 23:08

Ace101I dont know how to help you but this guy might. [email][/email]. Tell...

14th August 2003 10:08

I'm making a large map, and it only lets me texture part of the map in the surface map assignments....

14th August 2003 10:08

Hey, I was wondering how I change the lading screens for maps?

11th August 2003 08:08

sry i forgot 2 mention extremely low ping, no my isp isn't the problem. it's a solid connection most...

2nd July 2003 09:07

no i do not have a sound mod

27th June 2003 13:06

Could someone pleeaaasee help me, I need to fix this really badly

12th March 2003 11:03

I was just playing again and I got this critical error message: No Label OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build...

26th March 2003 11:03