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I have a question about my pc!this is my first post.... i have intel pentium 2,8 ati radeon 9800 pro...

3rd September 2004 00:09

I was wondering if some one would please do a reskin of these models, http://jediknight2.filefront.c...

28th November 2006 05:11

Well once, my eldar farseer was cornered by an entire squad of chaos terminators and a squad of heav...

9th June 2007 23:06

Man I would have loved to have been able to help you guys in the making but I have no skills what so...

9th February 2007 05:02

I think I can see a head liner on the JK3 file of the week, so close.

31st January 2007 10:01

Eclypse;3510039 4. Blue cape feature (???) Would a blue cape be going on the version with the silv...

30th January 2007 04:01

I just saw the video...IT IS AWSOME! I lvoe how the cape moves.

27th January 2007 04:01

How about you mix the thigns have some be english and some japanese or dedicate say taunts to englis...

24th January 2007 09:01

Flowing effects sound cool. To many static capes in this world.

19th January 2007 04:01

Id say with bullets and stuff like that have it be an add on file. I know some people dont like bul...

18th December 2006 02:12

2nd Pic < New Pic :D

15th December 2006 06:12

Eclypse;3421252We'll get it done...hopefully in time for Christmas. Harick is back in the game offer...

13th December 2006 01:12

So close so close so close, man good work Ive been watching the progress of it.

12th December 2006 00:12

Hello? Anyone? :feedback:

29th November 2006 05:11

Well I may not have been posting much but I have been watching this, I cant model or skin or that bu...

21st November 2006 09:11

i like desert combat but forgotten hope is a very good mod to!

3rd September 2004 00:09

Anakin992;3330420Hey, that isn't a gambit model. It's a reskin on the Dante model for JK2. Although...

2nd November 2006 10:11

I was wondering if anyone would please reskin the Gambit model:

2nd November 2006 05:11

Sad news on that, the maker is long gone from modding and skining and stuff. I tried to email them...

2nd November 2006 05:11

I was wondering if anyone would please do somthing of a compilement of the Harx stances, if you dont...

29th October 2006 02:10

Permision granted but just an add on here: Change the pants to that of Boba's

21st October 2006 02:10

Permision is currently pending.

20th October 2006 05:10

I was wondering if anyone could reskin the Sephiroth model at

20th October 2006 03:10

Good luck on getting some one to model for you.

20th October 2006 03:10

Ill see if I can e-mail him/her for the file, or maby that and see if he/she will make it downloadab...

10th October 2006 04:10
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