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Add more Easter Eggs :) It's fun to explore all the nooks and crannys in maps to find unexpected thi...

19th January 2008 14:01

iiNet FH2 server located in Sydney GayArena previously GameArena don't even go there. The server is...

2nd April 2008 15:04

Why are there no normal runways? Every airfield runway has some sort of building on it, so you hav...

17th February 2009 10:02

This is :eek::cya::naughty: I have :rofl:

28th May 2008 15:05

It seems that all the Oceania FH2 servers collectively crashed at the same time. They are all back n...

28th May 2008 14:05

HAHA Rick rolled

20th May 2008 09:05

I thought there was going to be a bazooka ? Anyone know where it is?

17th May 2008 12:05

The news also says "available on Wednesday the 14th of May" :eek:

14th May 2008 17:05

I notice the clock on the main FH2 update page has passed 1800 GMT... Patch time :D

14th May 2008 01:05

+1 If it's possible to code, go for it. But it'll be hard getting it right.

13th May 2008 12:05

Yeah like i said, FH2 is dead in Australia. Just wait until the next patch comes out, that should br...

12th April 2008 14:04

The maps i'd most like to see in the Normandy theater release would be: 1) Omaha beach done as accu...

8th April 2008 11:04

I'm hoping that when you fire the bazooka there won't be a smoke trail. It's annoying when you find...

25th March 2008 18:03

Yep :) found the bare hands kit.

19th January 2008 14:01

Include flamethrowers in the Normandy release please! Clearing out bunkers with flamethrowers would...

18th March 2008 10:03

Are waves possible ? If you guys have seen the pictures of the seaborne invasion on D-Day you'll no...

4th March 2008 09:03

FH2 is totally dead in Australia. 99% of the time no Aussie or NZ servers have anyone in them. Ea...

21st February 2008 12:02

FH2 is dead in Australia. Sadly. Hoping the next theater will come out soon so we see an increase i...

7th February 2008 21:02


1st February 2008 19:02

Upon googling "barbie king tiger" it's been suggested that you need a certain flag combination to ma...

1st February 2008 12:02

By the threads title i imagined a King Tiger painted in hot pink with hello kitty faces on it. I to...

1st February 2008 12:02

I'd personally like to see these two ideas implemented in future FH2 releases. When a planes propel...

30th January 2008 19:01

Songoleti;4184589And lets face it, if you don´t have a joystick then you don´t fly often, not even t...

29th January 2008 16:01

28th January 2008 19:01

German Mineflag ?... nothin special about it.

21st January 2008 05:01
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