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Kind words, I 100% agree with you, Keep up the good work FH.

24th January 2006 14:01

"EoD2 is not stalling their progress to work on BFV version, as soon as they get some testing in on...

27th January 2006 01:01

Hey we are #1 on this site... I don't like Moddb even...

29th January 2006 12:01

AugustusPoint of Existence 2 BF1918 - 2 Eve of Destruction 2 No Fh2?:uhoh:

30th January 2006 14:01

Very Interesting. Where the Germans forced to fight for the Russians or where they actully communi...

30th January 2006 16:01

FlyGuy45BF2 bushs=Stink FH1/42=PWN! Your GFx=Stink Mine=PWM! BF2 has horrific graphics. I know you...

31st January 2006 15:01

You picked the right mod to interview :)

1st February 2006 16:02

Komrad_BI have an unbreakable love for Kharkov Outskirt, Prokorovka, Falaise Pocket and Da Storm. Ho...

2nd February 2006 13:02

Im so sick of not only Bush but the little 12yo US kiddies that spam the forums with "OMG MY COUNT...

3rd February 2006 18:02

How sad only 6000? :( where they executed or just died from being neglected.

3rd February 2006 22:02

"AussiePepsi, you know what's even more sad? 16 year old Australians who get pissed off about little...

4th February 2006 13:02

lol, Another Aussie... Another Axis fan :D

4th February 2006 17:02

Anzacs views do not represent most Australians... Yes iv heard of walmart and no we don't have it....

9th April 2006 09:04

It was an April fools joke i picked up from EOD forum

10th April 2006 11:04

Don't know if you have listed this yet, The panthers MG is bugged bad i mean you try turn it, it g...

1st January 2006 19:01

Well.. uh, the Aussies and then the Tiger

30th November 2008 07:11

I don't run out of the Panzer 4's F2's "Special rounds" much anyway.

10th January 2008 07:01


10th January 2008 09:01

Comparing a flight sim to battlefield? Don't do it.

10th January 2008 09:01

Try using HE rounds? Could be that the AP rounds just go right through the truck.

11th January 2008 06:01

Mate, forget the Australian servers. It seems the majority of the Australian gaming community is fin...

5th April 2008 17:04

My main computers GPU has died. I'm getting a new rig sometime this month. When that happens... cou...

2nd August 2008 02:08

As long as it can one shot the crap out of any allied tank at long range.. its all good. Don't tend...

11th November 2008 21:11

I'd rather have the players upgrade their rigs then reduce the quality.

17th November 2008 01:11

No plans to visit Melbourne? Melbourne>Sydney. At least visit the Gold Coast.

21st November 2008 07:11