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Awesome! Great work, can't wait. Dukat;4696204Congrats! Though I'm curious about the performance. I...

29th November 2008 00:11

Wonder if we will ever see the truck with the 88 on the back:smokin:

29th November 2008 10:11

If it wasn't for the mods.. BF2 wouldn't even be installed on my system.

30th November 2008 02:11

I love the awesome tank that is the Tiger.

30th November 2008 07:11

As long as Todt makes another show I'll be happy=p

1st December 2008 17:12

What? The Panzer 4F2 can one shot basically every tank on the field. It is pure ownage. Best tank i...

10th January 2008 07:01

The Jagdpanther was my single most fav thing to drive in FH .7. I used to race the team for it on e...

2nd December 2008 04:12

Not this patch coming but the one after.

2nd December 2008 04:12

I am looking forward to the Achievements. Not only is it fun to get these awards but it encourages p...

5th December 2008 11:12

Tiny are you suggesting this cause you're a plane whore? :P I had enough trouble trying and failing...

5th December 2008 11:12

Will we be able to see more out of the cockpits now?

5th December 2008 17:12

Which flag was that? the southern most?

5th December 2008 17:12

Installation went smooth, no problems at all.

6th December 2008 07:12

McGibs;4711114The tiger in my playthrough was surrounded with a hive of infantry and lesser panzers...

6th December 2008 07:12

I had forgotten how funny the Australian voice commands are, couldn't stop laughing. I really do hop...

6th December 2008 15:12

The only thing that blows is that Japanese server side modded 24-7 mareth server. Basically the veh...

7th December 2008 21:12

Dice wouldn't be able to come up with Voice commands as funny as the custom ones. (Well at least the...

8th December 2008 11:12

I have won it plenty of times as both Brit and German, brits really just have to squad up and work t...

21st December 2008 20:12

Flashpoint2;4739387Everything is not that bad in fh2 though. HSlan use all official maps in their ma...

26th December 2008 13:12

Who said they are finished with both Crete and Africa? Theres another Crete thread below.

10th January 2008 07:01

By the time you have your Garand the Germans will have much more important equipment to pwn you with...

10th January 2008 06:01

Garys forum may be crap but his mod is awesome:rolleyes:

10th April 2006 12:04

pvt. Allen1.6101 is a 1.6 patch. 1.61b should be installed after it since it's only an incremental p...

29th April 2006 14:04

Anzac -.- Victoria(maybe SA) had there holidays early because of the commonwealth games. Others s...

11th April 2006 14:04

its what we call woolworths in Victoria.

12th April 2006 15:04