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Let's see if my comp will run this big mutha... P 4 2.0 ghz :( 512 Mb Ram Santa Cruz Turtle Beach...

27th July 2004 13:07

Thats cool, i went to reserve my copy of san andreas today,(at gamestop, im a regular) and the manag...

30th July 2004 08:07

its cool, still great news

31st July 2004 07:07

I read here (towards the botto...

31st July 2004 11:07

LOOK AT THE PICTURES! They have the strategy guide for christ's sake! They have fooled everyone, and...

31st July 2004 19:07

is that a mcdonalds sign behind him?

1st August 2004 00:08

I heard it was three... wtf

1st August 2004 08:08

Let us hope, that would be a kick ass coffee table book :)

1st August 2004 09:08

That colored drawing reminds me of farcry

1st August 2004 09:08

Yeah the imp head ones are farther in the game. I heard there were 3 species of trites... yippeee!

1st August 2004 09:08