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Ok, heres mine: P4 Prescott 3.0Ghz Corsair 1024Mb DDR-400 RAM W/ Copper gold plated heatspreaders....

18th October 2005 17:10

Ok then. Last Question Will this Coolermaster PSU be enough: http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?L...

1st October 2006 15:10

Oh, and 1 HDD and 2 Optical Drives.

7th September 2006 08:09

I know that is a really silly question but i am just verifying this. Will a single nVidia card suc...

23rd September 2006 16:09

Okay, thanks guys. I wont be running 2 card or anything like that so yea.

24th September 2006 09:09

After some thought.. i have decidied to go with a 7950gt instead of a x1900xt which you might have s...

29th September 2006 17:09

I posted something similar but if it would work with a x1900xt which draws much more power and peopl...

30th September 2006 13:09

Oh and i already bought this PSU 1 year ago just to make things clear. :)

30th September 2006 13:09

mmmm..now its getting confusing some people say it will work fine and others say it wont. Anyway her...

30th September 2006 15:09

How about a 7600gt.. will my current PSU (480w one) be enough to run that?

1st October 2006 18:10

Hi all, I am saving up to upgrade my computer and am deciding to buy a GeCube x1900xt. I am wonder...

5th September 2006 13:09

I recently decided to purchase a new Core 2 Quad QX6700 for a great price of $150. The only problem...

19th April 2010 12:04

If I could I certainly would. However my motherboard only supports kensfeild cores and below, hence...

19th April 2010 15:04

Its almost winter here in Australia. Still quite warm though :cool: :beer:

19th April 2010 18:04

Take it to a speech pathologist. If not, perhaps your laptop will grow out of its stutter. Otherwise...

19th April 2010 18:04

Well, the cpu finally came. I stuck on the e6300 cooler and I'm idle'ing at around 52-55C and underl...

24th April 2010 09:04

Could you guys recommend some good, lower priced coolers for my qx6700? Preferably no more than $35....

24th April 2010 21:04

All too expensive, and NewEgg doesn't ship to Australia. (Remember that things are a little more exp...

25th April 2010 11:04

Sigh.. Remember, the QX6700 is an LGA775 cpu.

25th April 2010 15:04

I have about 3x 80mm fans. So I'll be ok with the x1900xt if i get it?

7th September 2006 08:09

By Vertical I mean like on an upright mobo NOT laying down flat. So its safe to buy?

6th March 2006 12:03


19th October 2005 06:10

I like most of the BF1942 maps but I'd really like a Bf2 map with like really harsh terrain like los...

19th October 2005 13:10

I got the Msi 6600GT at first when i got it i wasn't too impressed but when i got my new powersupply...

19th October 2005 07:10

6/10 I dont really know what it is, lol.

19th October 2005 09:10
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