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I just have a couple of questions that the video raises. According to it, it stated that there was...

26th August 2004 22:08

ill Do it if you want.

30th December 2006 00:12

yes I like that they Left the Fully Constructed model in FOC instead of the Under Construction one.

27th December 2006 02:12

Frigates: Anticorvette (Nebulon B, Intercepter 4, Munificent, Carrack-class light cruiser) Antifriga...

28th December 2006 20:12

Corvettes: Antifighter (Corellian Corvette, Crusader, Hardcell, x) Anticorvette (Corellian Gunboat,...

28th December 2006 20:12

Trade Federation Lander and why you are using Craft From the Old Republic Era. Also I made a Mistake...

29th December 2006 00:12

Atleast KoF took the Time to FULLY animate them :S

29th December 2006 00:12

I Have beaten FoC it just seems alittle Strange. But its your mod Feel free to use my Suggestions :)

29th December 2006 06:12

the Same XML the Others are in (IE: Groundinfantry ,Groundvehicle , Spacecorvettes ,Spacefighters et...

29th December 2006 06:12

oh god here we go again -_- but anyway Great AT-TE Avenger its fun Invading Planets with it especial...

29th December 2006 17:12

Yes or I would not even attempt to Volenteer.

30th December 2006 05:12

No there are 2 Things I would Like to include but there maybe 1 to be in. Also we need to clean a F...

25th December 2006 00:12

He means most "old mods" (Like xml based/ skin based) were focused on the Clone Wars more than the...

30th December 2006 06:12

Neomarz made the Skin you Would HAVE to ask him for permission or make a new skin.

31st December 2006 07:12

You May Have to Change his spawn planet to a Imperial one like Anaxes or Coruscant etc.

1st January 2007 17:01

yes if he was muun it would Contridict that he was killed on mustafar. But We can dream ;).

2nd January 2007 19:01

DarthArbiter;3460454 Well, in that case you are out of luck as there is not alo importer, just an ex...

2nd January 2007 21:01

FROM THE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE "Currently The Black sun have recently become a Nusence by Attacking T...

3rd January 2007 22:01

Basiclly Xizor Lead a Jail Break and Freed Talon Karrde its a Hero Update and Referance to a "Planet...

3rd January 2007 23:01

Black Sun Recruitment Drive! We are Recruiting Vigos but please Public choose what Species you woul...

3rd January 2007 23:01

The Possibilities are Endless and you can say which Species if its not in the poll you can post it.

3rd January 2007 23:01

A vigo was a lieutenant in Black Sun that reported directly to the organization's head. Each of the...

4th January 2007 00:01

Also out of Gallofree I mean the Ground Fly as a Transport

25th December 2006 16:12

Yea I Know when I Installed FoC I had to Activate EVERY new unit for the Rebels and alittle For Zann...

24th December 2006 23:12

the ISD 1 also Lacks the Ion Cannon Batteries on the Stern and Bow areas.

5th January 2007 00:01