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hey! i like to spam boards...spam spam spam spam....how sad am i ?

21st August 2004 06:08

Join today (limited positions)

12th August 2005 15:08

14th October 2005 20:10

CLAN NAME Absent With Out Leave CLAN TAG {AWOL} WEBSITE www.awol-bf2.co.uk SERVER DETAILS 32 m...

5th October 2005 19:10

Hey Birdie check us out at www.awol-bf2.co.uk

4th September 2005 21:09


29th August 2005 00:08

20th August 2005 14:08


16th August 2005 20:08

Alternatively you can come on Ventrilo for a chat, details follow; Ventrilo details IP address 85...

9th August 2005 16:08

:bows: hello all! i found the best site ever. they give away new games every i dunno but they give...

22nd August 2004 06:08

Clan name [color=red]Absent With Out Leave[/color] Clan tag [color=red]{AWOL}[/color] Website [c...

8th August 2005 16:08

sucky, sucky, five dollar.

3rd October 2004 17:10

ah cmon! poetry aint so bad

23rd August 2004 17:08

oh thanks ? :moon:

22nd August 2004 06:08

lol ok guys heres my poem its about diablo 2. the amazon so great so fast she speeds throug her...

22nd August 2004 06:08

i beeeeeeeeelive.... the contest is poetry... so if u suck at it get a nerdy friend of urs to do it....

22nd August 2004 06:08

they also have an rpg system if ur bored

22nd August 2004 06:08

Hey Bramme, check us out CLAN NAME Absent With Out Leave CLAN TAG {AWOL} WEBSITE www.awol-bf2...

16th October 2005 20:10