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My game keeps randomly crashing now for some reasion. don't know why and beofre you tell me to give...

12th April 2006 03:04

Well i will give it a shot hope it helps

13th June 2006 00:06

Hmm i think it shows promise in a way reminds me of an freighter of some kind. *wishes he had more...

13th June 2006 00:06

For some reasion when an AI or my self fire the tractor beam It starts repeaded plasma leaks that re...

13th June 2006 00:06

Well it only started happening when installed the bc plugin thing

9th May 2006 06:05

Hmm i wonder if the bc pulgins have something to do with scewing with sound packs?

7th May 2006 10:05

yes i do

7th May 2006 03:05

Shure there is no other way i have well over 2 gigs of mods on this thing and it was a real pain to...

6th May 2006 22:05

For some reasion during game play the sound seems to dorp out at some random time i posted this awil...

6th May 2006 08:05

nope i have no big mods like that it's to big for me to download

12th April 2006 09:04

it would be real nice to know why i started loseing sound right after i installed bc plugin

5th April 2006 01:04

Um how???

4th April 2006 05:04

it seems during game play i lose the sound for some reasion It started ever since well i can't remb...

3rd April 2006 13:04

Some of the ships i install are missing icons i know some where in the scripting there is a way to t...

7th March 2006 13:03

OOH I KNOW I KNOW! Ask jimmy about it he helped me with the very same problem.

7th March 2006 13:03

I think so but i'll check

2nd March 2006 15:03

Well it doesn't crash it just doesn't show up.

1st March 2006 13:03

well it rather simple like my last post i have been putting this off becuase it wans't a big issue b...

28th February 2006 15:02

I'm shure some people have posted about this but i haven't seen a recent posts about and i have been...

28th February 2006 10:02

Um this is just a guess but is your res to low?

28th February 2006 10:02

so i decided to install some new bridges to BC and for some reason after i installed my latest one....

25th May 2011 04:05