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ok i got a couple.. 1. dragons. the big, ugly, mean kind. 2. npcs picking up dropped items. 3. so...

14th August 2006 21:08

ok then hows about they carry 20 times what they used to?

14th August 2006 21:08

ok im getting poed that i cant enchant items more than once. can someone make a mod like that?

16th August 2006 01:08

im thinking about starting to make mods, and i was wondering, about how long does it take to make a...

17th August 2006 00:08

we are not proportioned weird.

17th August 2006 00:08

axle12693ok i made a small mod it called umbra+ hopefully itll be on in a couple days. actually,...

17th August 2006 07:08

ahhh but i can make them have more money. plus, as for the other mod requests, i cant script, model,...

20th August 2006 03:08

ok thx

17th August 2006 19:08

awesme 4 of my mods are on. umbra+,soul absorb, renaultskatana, and better horses

17th August 2006 21:08

ok the other one kinda died so heres a new one

18th August 2006 07:08

plz, help! how do i change what an npc sells? plz! im desperate!

18th August 2006 08:08

ill take a stab at the goblin thing

18th August 2006 20:08

StarWarsGeekNPCs do pick up dropped items. i mean items that the player drops

19th August 2006 05:08

ive been thinking about making a mod that allows everyone to buy/sell and recharge/repair, but i don...

20th August 2006 02:08

nvmd i found out.

20th August 2006 02:08

I'm a beginning modder, so it would be impossible for me to do the following: Dragon NPC with the fo...

10th June 2007 04:06
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