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For the love of God, someone, please make a Wells Class ship! Please. It's wanted by many people and...

8th September 2007 07:09

Hey, I saw the Monarch Class ship, or Enterprise-J, in the 1-on-1 battles in the Ultimate Universe M...

21st October 2007 12:10

Hrm...alright I tried doing that and it still didn't show up in Skirmish mode. Any ideas?

22nd October 2007 03:10

Alright I thought about doing that too. K I'll try that.

22nd October 2007 12:10

AHHH. Such a simple solution. Haha. Thanks!

23rd October 2007 04:10

Where do you have to go to download the plugin for Milkshape 3D that allows you to open .NIF files?

24th October 2007 08:10

Alright, thanks for the tips! :)

27th October 2007 05:10

Hey people, I think we need more ships in Legacy from Bridge Commander. They have some really nice s...

28th October 2007 02:10

I have no idea what you're talking about honestly. I haven't had a chance to read the last news item...

28th October 2007 04:10

Thanks :D . Yeah, I read it, and I can understand why my post was a little controversial. Sorry!

28th October 2007 05:10

Wow that would be an amazing mod. Yes, I've always been disappointed that you can't pick your enemie...

17th January 2008 05:01