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Whats going on guys. I'm interested in firing up a squad for BF1942. What do I have booked and ready...

21st October 2004 07:10

when i start a new game at tsl at the prologue mission nothing happens its black i dont see anything...

13th July 2009 18:07

thanks a lot i love u :lol::lol::lol: i give u a beer all o f u who answered my questions:beer::beer...

3rd October 2009 18:10

ok here it goes thanks and one thing remains i took the kotor mod manager to solve the problem with...

3rd October 2009 00:10

i tried and deleted the temp folder and it still shows me the error whats the problem????i know the...

2nd October 2009 00:10

ok thanks for the advice but i have a new problem ......i wanted to reinstall the game and it says ,...

28th September 2009 00:09

hi all i've got a problem with brotherhood of shadow solomon's revenge some texture problems.for exa...

26th September 2009 18:09

it still doesnt work thanks for your help i will continue to play without that bullshit

25th July 2009 10:07

i cant see the console thats the problem it isnt activating i typed EnableConsole=1 and EnableCheats...

24th July 2009 21:07

can u help me ? i have problem with the cheats console i typed in the swkotor settings enablecheats...

24th July 2009 16:07

i have a question:this tsl windows vista fix works with any type of windows???this fucking shit mak...

15th July 2009 15:07

its a great idea but why add 2 arms to the character u can do a mod where u can select grievous as y...

15th July 2009 15:07

it happens the same problem to me :))

14th July 2009 22:07

can u answer me please if u know whats the problem???

14th July 2009 20:07

can u give me a link of direct download for star wars TSL . i mean the game setup because i didn't f...

12th July 2009 22:07

in think both of them are good light and dark side but when u are on dark side u can use many dark s...

11th July 2009 18:07

my favourite sith lord is darth nihilus because he has cool moves

12th July 2009 17:07

who is your favourite sith lord:darh revan,darth malak,darth sion,darth nihilus or darth traya?

12th July 2009 17:07

k thanks for your help

12th July 2009 16:07

well sometimes i use cheats for xp but with all o the mods for tsl i dont need anymore cheats

11th July 2009 22:07

i simply dont know but the game is old and it should work

11th July 2009 22:07

well darth malak he is a powerfull sith lord but i beat him easily put mines in his way drain life f...

11th July 2009 22:07

i like bastila shes sexy and powerful

11th July 2009 22:07

k thanks for the help

11th July 2009 22:07

can we do anything about this problem to fix it or something?

11th July 2009 21:07
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