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would any body be interested in helping me create a B5 mod for sfc3

11th April 2003 08:04

mabe you should try altering the weaponitems in C:\Program Files\Activision\Sfc3\Assets\CommonSe...

20th April 2003 14:04

can you send me a few? [email][/email]

21st April 2003 09:04

well i got a white star and hyperon but the white star uses defiants hp and hyperon im having troubl...

21st April 2003 20:04

well i got an omega + texture in 3ds but when i oppen it the texture is messed

22nd April 2003 08:04

can you please send me all your B5 ships and stations ive tryed downloading them but the textures ar...

5th May 2003 06:05

does anybody know were to get a good akira map not a ctf map but a DM one it needs to have a bridge...

22nd May 2003 09:05

looks good cant wait can you mail me when its done and may i ask what program do you use to make map...

23rd May 2003 08:05

go to

27th June 2003 15:06

go to

27th June 2003 15:06

go to the site

27th June 2003 16:06

is there amy way to put a mask on your character in multiplayer like in single player were you need...

26th July 2003 08:07