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Hello everyone im new here so dont flame me if i say something wrong.Here we go, this is a respon...

12th March 2003 06:03

remember , everyone has their own opinion, but some peoples opinions are better than others, and so...

23rd April 2003 22:04

worked for me........

14th May 2003 15:05

ill take ps2 over xbox any day.:agreed:

12th May 2003 17:05

i hate xbox, its just like a computer but with not as good features. console online sucks, all onlin...

7th May 2003 16:05

loz the wind waker super mario sunshine metroid prime super smash bros melee please dont make me cho...

6th May 2003 03:05

coll you the orignal mario bros too, lol. my favs are: loz ocarina of tme super mario sunshine pape...

5th May 2003 02:05


1st May 2003 14:05

i like sweet corn

1st May 2003 00:05

i think we canadiens only get the comedy channel. americans got comedy central.

1st May 2003 00:05

dont worry youre page is fine, im just more exicited about e3

1st May 2003 00:05

E3 is going to just be awesome. I cant express how much i want to play mario kart dd.and fzero. i ho...

30th April 2003 19:04

sweet, if its anything like starcraft, ill be in heaven!

22nd April 2003 00:04

Waring!!!! warning!!! Bullshitometer on high!!!! who needs zelda when you could be invading norman...

16th May 2003 15:05

halo belongs on pc, not that low qualiry xbox thing

21st April 2003 22:04

i know ps2 is the big rpg machine, but gamecube is getting some nice ones. this is a poll for the al...

20th April 2003 18:04

holy shit, you wrote alot. i alredy know that ps2 has better physics than xbox, and a decent poly r...

20th April 2003 18:04

i like gamecube the best, but my big bro owns a ps2, and it isnt all that bad, my fav games are ratc...

20th April 2003 18:04

yeah i know, ive tried the gamecube one,pretty fun. does the xbox edition support online?

20th April 2003 18:04

im thinking of buying anew game, and iwas wondering if this is a could game?

20th April 2003 18:04

ps2 is the best, IN your opinion. but the ps2 has the worse specs. yes zelda rocks

20th April 2003 18:04

im sorry i dont hate ps2, i was in a bad mood in the last week ( you probaly noticed) any way do thi...

20th April 2003 04:04

thanks bud

20th April 2003 04:04

im sorry to both of you for my bad behaviour.

19th April 2003 19:04

Dude that was pretty f*king harsh.I go to a high school that is pretty cube freindy, i mean most peo...

14th May 2003 16:05