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There's some good stuff at if you already want to mod the game. :p

3rd September 2003 19:09

Yeah it's a "beefed-up" Q3 engine according to those who know. :rolleyes:

3rd September 2003 21:09

There are 2290 people called Pvt/private, 1992 Cpt/Captain, 1495 Major and 268 Raven! :uhoh:

3rd September 2003 21:09

Of those hundreds of mods in progress, only 10% will ever be completed, and maybe 2 or 3 will be pla...

3rd September 2003 22:09

Exploading_DiarrheaLOL i know once they added all of those darn rules, it took out all of the fun....

3rd September 2003 22:09

Nice job man, it looks great. :thumbsup:

4th September 2003 13:09

Maybe some people don't like the sounds, that's why. Just because they are authentic doesn't mean th...

5th September 2003 20:09

Fav weapon? Hmmm... let me se, the BAR, MG42, M1 Garand and the Bren. cant wait to try out the Panz...

3rd September 2003 16:09

Wtf? They're all just blank. :confused:

8th September 2003 14:09

Funny stuff, man! Keep it coming. Mucho karma for you, my friend. :drink:

9th September 2003 14:09

fragbait_newboyDay 3 should be good, gonna try flying!!! :uhoh: OMG! It'll be fun reading, I'm sure...

10th September 2003 14:09

Men det va la roligt då! :D How realistic will it be? Will there be any guerillas, booby traps, su...

11th September 2003 15:09

:lol: LMAO Grinder, that one's really good. Pretty scary too.

11th September 2003 16:09

On 9/11/2001 I was tinkering with my computer when my brother suddenly entered the room. He told me...

12th September 2003 17:09

There are a bunch of people called Vassilij Zaitsev, and everyone spell it their own way... :rolleye...

13th September 2003 01:09

Here's a stupid pic for ya...

13th September 2003 02:09

I get lots of crap emails about economy shit, like "consolidate your bills". Don't even know what th...

17th September 2003 22:09

LoL Razor! All that in only 4 days? :lol:

3rd September 2003 16:09

Ooooh there's love in here... :love: Yeah and great pics, by the way.

2nd September 2003 14:09

Originally posted by Cpt_Nukem :agreed :drink: :smack: :lol: :lol: Originally posted by Cpt_Nukem...

19th July 2003 02:07

Why is there a poll in this thread?

20th August 2003 18:08

LoL Nuke, is there a bunker falling off the carrier? :lol:

19th July 2003 16:07

I don't even know the difference between Rap and Hip hop. Is there a difference? I voted for hip hop...

6th August 2003 21:08

Here's a link for ya, Krieger:

7th August 2003 15:08

You're right, man. Why should I care about bad music. :D

7th August 2003 15:08