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SOR clan is looking for someone to make cupple of clanskins, so if there is anyone who fells for it...

22nd March 2004 05:03

Hi I´m a memebr of SOR and we need a mapper who can make a clanmap, you will get a high rank is were...

14th March 2004 17:03

nope haven´t got any mapping skills, but I´m a great dueller

15th March 2004 03:03

HI my name is BackStabber, I´m a coucil member of SOR. We really need a weebsite. Anyone who feels t...

18th March 2004 01:03

that´s true but not many are so godd so their not so hard to defeat

18th March 2004 05:03

I would love some training, my msn is [email][/email]

18th March 2004 15:03

maybe you could do one for us, and we could be clan allies instead or something. You doon´t have to...

22nd March 2004 04:03

well, maybe on the weekends?

22nd March 2004 05:03

maybe so.

23rd March 2004 05:03

how about a horror house

14th March 2004 05:03

HI I´m a council member of SOR and we are currently recruting. Our server is up from 3 PM to 11 PM e...

23rd March 2004 15:03

SOR would like to join the club. I will personaly take a seat.

26th March 2004 02:03

hey is that the real email I could send any email here, try to mail me instead.

26th March 2004 02:03

Well As I said, Sor would like to join. SO only 14 to go ;)

29th March 2004 20:03

HI SOR is an old clan who has been restarted, were a little short when it comes to members so please...

16th July 2004 17:07

SOR could be intressed what´s your msn?

19th July 2004 00:07

I´m not a mapper or skinner, but I´m a good dueller so please tell me when you recruit so I can try...

14th March 2004 05:03

I could help you, add me on msn at [email][/email]

10th March 2004 23:03

I can´t find any textures everyone is missing, maybe you have to get another program or some thing?

20th December 2003 10:12

I´ve got a really cool thing comin up and I need a moder to try and make it. Contact me at [email]bl...

16th December 2003 15:12

How do you make floors and stuff all my shadders only sais: Shader Image Missing. Help me please!

20th December 2003 00:12

I can´t get the shader to work. It only says Shader Image Missing. Any suggestions?

20th December 2003 01:12

no the shader does not show it´s blue: not found or red:missing.

20th December 2003 03:12

I haven´t got any shaders for some reason? Is there any good site you can download them from???

20th December 2003 11:12

Hi I´m a good staffuser, I´ve been playing since the very begining and I wanna join a clan. Anny exp...

10th March 2004 05:03
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