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all polar bears r left handed

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*drool* bring on the hurricanes!!! i would almost feel sorry for the por pilots in the He111's. almo...

18th November 2003 18:11

FrederfWhat is unrealistic is how a ship can take 98% damage and everyone on it is fine. I think the...

18th March 2004 20:03

i recon that this is one of those instances where the fh team need to sacrifice realism for game pla...

17th March 2004 23:03

if you get a good driver it can be incredably easy to get a shot in to a tanks rear armour coz of th...

17th March 2004 23:03

i ment are a good driver

17th March 2004 23:03

if the jap carriers did have it though it would mean that not only would it be fair but also everyon...

17th March 2004 23:03

so in the sherman's case an independant mg would not be a good idea

17th March 2004 23:03

you have a point there opelblitz as gameplay wise it can suck a bit but in real life how long do you...

18th March 2004 18:03

just curious. you werent by any chance shooting at the front of a tank were you?

18th March 2004 20:03

well thats probably for realism i s'pose. after all the capturing of a flag represents that you have...

18th March 2004 20:03

that seems to happen in almost every plane at one point or another. ive seen it happen in the spitfi...

18th March 2004 20:03

well yeah it is coz you really need that plane to take down the Ju88's :cry:

18th March 2004 20:03

look. the main idea of an anti tank rirle as i understand it is not to really damage the vehicle, (e...

23rd March 2004 00:03

yeah well it would take quite a large team to fix even the lightest of battle damage due to the shee...

17th March 2004 22:03

they only get owned if you get in too close to infantry without some support.

24th March 2004 19:03

:agreed fair enough

24th March 2004 19:03

he is?

24th March 2004 19:03

thats what i thought he ment. and it makes sense. it really pisses me off that you have to find favo...

24th March 2004 19:03

its not neccesarily the amount of damage the plane guns do, its how much damage they do to individua...

24th March 2004 22:03

if the piat is such a rubbish weapon then how did one man at Arhnem account for three tiger tanks an...

26th March 2004 23:03

hahaha :roll: :bows:

26th March 2004 23:03

:argue: Mast3rofPuppetsAka propaganda. no. solid fact m8 :NFSCD:

30th March 2004 21:03

I-Captain-IOk, as much as I think switching over has the most potential, here's what we do. We shut...

1st April 2004 17:04

right... the a ww1 plane would probably beat a F-15. reason? one: it flys too slow for the F-15 to h...

7th May 2004 16:05

THUD!!! one large hole in the ground. !!! An automated system for digging in tanks!!! :D

7th May 2004 18:05