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I laughed, I cried. It was better than Cats.

17th November 2010 09:11

Leveling a worgen death knight first, then I'll get a level 85.

12th December 2010 08:12

Opera is just trying to prevent you from rickrolling yourself. It's for your own good.

3rd December 2010 20:12

Maybe there's more to games than good graphics.

2nd December 2010 12:12

Bohemund;5429302No seriously, what happened to it? It seems they rarely even discuss real history an...

2nd December 2010 12:12

Inyri Forge;3844412I always play a wood elf, because I'm always an archer. I just start to hate myse...

2nd December 2010 12:12

Wow, those screenshots are amazing!! I need to get some mods...

27th November 2010 13:11

That's assuming his girlfriend gets naked with him at all. ;)

27th November 2010 13:11

Can't we all just get along?

23rd November 2010 06:11

AC2 definitely.

17th November 2010 12:11

redgroupclan;5424920Do you think this could make it as a play on Broadway? :p Why? So it can be but...

17th November 2010 11:11

I think I was 6 years old when I played my first video game, Kirby's Dream Land for the original Gam...

13th November 2010 05:11

Uh... is it broken or acting up? My router is only a year old (*just* out of warranty! *shakes fist...

13th November 2010 04:11

Like, Pyramid. Duh. Complete with traps (ba ba ba ba... ba ba BA!), curses on anyone who enters, and...

13th November 2010 04:11

In my opinion, Morrowind wins by a mile. Oblivion has better graphics, but there's a lot wrong with...

12th November 2010 14:11

It's pretty sad how they've made tanking and healing less and less enjoyable over the years. I used...

12th November 2010 14:11

The answer is 42, as always.

13th December 2010 23:12