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it came out yesterday or not too many days ago

30th March 2006 10:03

it came out yesterday or not too many days ago

30th March 2006 10:03

uh not much about TF2

30th March 2006 10:03

yes this isnt myspace you know

30th March 2006 22:03

sound like its half assed

9th April 2006 02:04

i read about them in the prima strategy guide. Supposedly weapons or weapon platforms im not sure. W...

10th April 2006 10:04

I just got to SGT but EA has to be gay and I have over the amount of points required for SGT. and I...

18th March 2006 10:03

well I have a dual core so idk. Pentium D Dual Core Processor 2.80Ghz 1024MB of RAM 256mb ATI Rade...

18th March 2006 08:03

there are always these kinds of people that my mommy keeps telling me about and i guess thats u free...

14th April 2006 13:04


27th February 2006 12:02

I dunno, just have to wait and see.

13th January 2006 03:01

I have a connection problem in BF2 but not this, I have a 108MBPS connection as well

17th January 2006 05:01

Helis are annoying cause a person will camp a certain spot and rain hell on u or other people, it ge...

17th January 2006 05:01

Now that is not acceptable.

17th January 2006 08:01

when i tried using them, i got some error and halo CTD but that was with trainers

29th January 2006 11:01

thats just cool, my dad worked with 3MEF

30th January 2006 11:01

I got a: Pentium D Dual Core 2.80Ghz 1024MB RAM ATI Radeon X600 x16 PCIE 256MB 250MB Hard Drive an...

1st February 2006 08:02

thats a problem but i thought vista implemented the use on dx10 by itself?

10th February 2006 21:02

if i remember it does not work anymore so its practically useless

24th February 2006 08:02

bf2 is the only game i have problems with online, and now i get a funky error saying to revert my "m...

25th February 2006 00:02

it also worked in the completely unpatched version of BF2

25th February 2006 00:02

well deal with it, its not such a big deal. the bolt action rifles are a little more acurate then...

25th February 2006 23:02

so thats a good reason why your scores could be very high?

27th February 2006 01:02

i have it, i dont know what your problem is but i love it. If your always a medic, get the G36K (is...

27th February 2006 12:02

sumthing like this happened but there was this sniper, i hid behind a rock cause there was a tank co...

28th February 2006 08:02