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oE is! An amazing 7 minute video... I'll be releasing...

3rd February 2004 02:02

lols. :beer: :cheers: :type: :smokin: :moon:

6th February 2004 02:02

I would have lost count.

13th February 2004 18:02

Rofl That Last One Owns!

7th February 2004 07:02

Yeah. Import them to movie maker and change the compression. And the size.

7th February 2004 04:02

Haha... thats sad. You can't reply because I have a point. Anyways, there is a difference between n0...

7th February 2004 00:02

You can turn it off or on, that was his point... I think.

7th February 2004 00:02

Yeppers. Use movie maker or something. Here is a script you can run as a config file to save demos,...

6th February 2004 12:02

Download fraps... I hope you know how to make lagless demos... just view that and reco...

6th February 2004 03:02

Gunners aren't the reason for the game. But think of it this way: in Q3, are you going to use the ga...

5th February 2004 23:02

I agree with you on most of those comments. If you complain about people who bind specials, you mig...

4th February 2004 19:02

lol, some of those who still ain't got it yet... try searching for earlier posts by Marker0077 to fi...

5th February 2004 23:02

I know man. I read that. I don't know, I just thought it would be somewhat interesting to compare ho...

5th February 2004 01:02

Lols. Don't be shy... Its only a video.

4th February 2004 22:02

Thanks for the great input! Don't need gunners? Don't start this gun whoring crap again. I don't hav...

4th February 2004 21:02

If you play CTF, you might be a noob. - Haha funny, you wanna 1v1, you with sabers, me with guns?

4th February 2004 21:02

The refresh project is still recruiting and always will be. So hop on over, we have the best gunners...

4th February 2004 19:02

I assume you know how to strafe jump and that you're always accelerating while doing so? Why don't y...

4th February 2004 19:02

I think all force powers are great. I mean, every single one has its purpose and does it well. Prot...

4th February 2004 19:02

A league for the new siege map. That is just so much fun, holy crap.

4th March 2004 04:03