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Hi, I am experimenting with the MPE and as I was trying to balance some ships I noticed that a phas...

16th October 2007 18:10

My question was what caused it to be removed and how could KM do that if I installed the pack after...

3rd June 2008 21:06

Hi, I'm running KM 1.0 and have been adding mods. I copied this line from the .py file in the scrip...

31st May 2008 01:05

Okay, I see what you're saying about the black grey and white parts. But you misunderstood my savin...

17th February 2008 22:02

Don't think I'm ignoring what you just said I'm still trying to find the alpha channel stuff. I thou...

15th February 2008 01:02

Hi, I've been fooling around with the Lint's Constitution's textures and wanted to try removing the...

14th February 2008 17:02

That reminds me lately when I go to do a search I can't find the search tool I used to go under "For...

21st October 2007 14:10

We play KM we'd just like to have a better selection of ships besides KM isn't balanced correctly.

21st October 2007 04:10

Hi, I was wondering how to make ships, star bases, and the like to work in multi-player. Yes I know...

21st October 2007 00:10

Thanks Appreciate the help.

16th October 2007 20:10

I feel stupid now... thanks again for your time!

4th September 2007 17:09

Hi, I recently downloaded Inyri Forge's KotOR Map Objects and attempted to put them into a map. How...

4th September 2007 16:09


2nd March 2006 18:03

lol ok I've sent it priority mail should be there in 3 days

1st March 2006 19:03

Address, phone number and amount wanted please.

1st March 2006 18:03

As far as I know there is no Episode V hilt for Luke theree may be a IV but not a V.

1st March 2006 18:03

anyone who finds that mod will be a very rich man :p if you know what I mean. lol

1st March 2006 15:03

Hi, as you can tell I'm BCFAN. I would love to see a Kyp Durron hilt made I havn't seen one on file...

1st March 2006 04:03

An Akula Class from the early/mid 23rd century. Spoiler: Show A 'Barracuda' Class from the ear...

25th August 2009 22:08