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hey everyone im new and jus wanted to say hi.:smokin:

6th January 2005 02:01

Mean Girls :D naw jus playing, for me it would have to be a movie that came out of mexico called Amo...

17th September 2005 10:09

am i the only one that thinks there gona be way to expensive? i know the 360 will have a 300 doller...

1st September 2005 07:09

Star FoxTo turn 18. Isn't there a card for underaged people and R Rated movies now? Like, you show...

3rd September 2005 09:09

just eat sit with her at lunch dont take her out yet, wait 3 or 4 days then take her out to eat.

6th September 2005 14:09

ask her if you can call her, its harder to talk to a girl face to face sometimes so the best way to...

15th September 2005 12:09

have any of you seen the video? if you havent head on over to, the control is supposed to mo...

16th September 2005 13:09

first off i wanna say that i donated $300 to help the victoms. and i dont wanna be a dick or anythin...

16th September 2005 13:09

i do it the lazy way and get them from netflix alltho im getting pissed cuz they are staring to take...

1st September 2005 07:09

its a great movie and i hope someone brings back the tv show.

2nd October 2005 09:10

i dont have a girlfirend i got something worse a wife :D

16th October 2005 03:10

DJSephirothWait too PS3 comes. :agreed :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

18th October 2005 10:10

i like the psp and its damn sexy but, the ds has the better games. i loved playing old sega, and nin...

20th October 2005 09:10

the first is just comeing out, what if it sucks?

20th October 2005 09:10

wouldnt it be funny if they let him go and he regains his power.

20th October 2005 09:10

its to big homie you need to make it shorter.

21st October 2005 10:10

yeah i watched it with my wife and we both liked it alot, but she liked it for a diffrent reason tha...

1st September 2005 07:09

all i care about this is the gas price going up i do live in california and damn im already paying 3...

1st September 2005 07:09

its ram for my desktop and yea i need it for gameing i only have 256 right now and i want to get the...

21st October 2005 12:10

lol well it could of been better but i still liked it everyone should see it.

8th August 2005 11:08

my little girl was watching the micky mouse cartoons. i know who they are but never cared, any who m...

31st July 2005 12:07

well i dont know what to do should i get the psp or should i get the xbox 360. the 360 is paid for s...

31st July 2005 12:07

heres the trailer

1st August 2005 04:08

KB-Smokerhow do u have the 360 paid for if they haven't even released a price....i heard that the pr...

1st August 2005 04:08

well i just got my psp today and im wondering how do you get on the internet with it? do i need a wi...

1st August 2005 04:08