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Cowboy Bebop Anime

6th August 2005 02:08

ever wonder what holograhpic is or how it works? well then if you do keep reading :D Hol...

11th August 2005 02:08

all the mexicans that work here do pay taxes they do get a check you know, all the money that they p...

1st September 2005 15:09

i for one cant wait till it comes out, im gona have to wait till the price comes down tho.

13th August 2005 07:08

if this is true it can change everything, what do you guys think? Physicist Bruce DePalma ha...

13th August 2005 12:08

FedEx sucks they couldnt find my add so i had to go pick up my new dvd burner myself.

20th August 2005 22:08

i bought a new phone and my data cable for my old cell phone dont fit my new one. so i was wondering...

22nd August 2005 00:08

i just got it saturday along with the samsung A-740, i was able to get some ring tones into my LG th...

22nd August 2005 11:08

who ever hasent seen this movie what are you waiting for? this is one of the best movies that i have...

30th August 2005 06:08

i get the feeling that most of you dont like mexicans. why is that?

30th August 2005 20:08

i want to upgrade my memory(PC) but how do i find out what kind i need, can you guys help me....

21st October 2005 18:10

well i bought my pc from gateway as for the specs lol how do i find that out.

23rd October 2005 20:10

o man that is beautiful cant wait to get my hands on it :D

28th July 2005 11:07

lol dumb ass

9th November 2005 23:11

yeah like me :D

6th November 2005 16:11

now who can he be playing? venom damn i hope so :D

6th November 2005 16:11

yeah i heard about the sandman but i thought someone else was going to be playing him. i also heard...

6th November 2005 19:11

you guys can thank me later :) Follow me to heaven

7th November 2005 23:11

stop being cheap and buy both i am, but i rather wait till the 360 goes down to 200 or less. but i a...

8th November 2005 23:11

:( how come you guys dont give me more rep points

8th November 2005 23:11

do you guys listen to any video game podcasts? well i listen to THIS ONE but i was wondering if you...

3rd November 2005 20:11

i would rather do her sister but she seems like if she would be a freak between the sheets

11th November 2005 17:11

dont know if you guys have seen the movie i havent, but i did find this video with a bunch of clips...

14th November 2005 20:11

Just had one THUNDERCATS :D

15th November 2005 18:11

its your life so do what makes you happy, if you want to be with her be with her and dont listen to...

15th November 2005 18:11