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I run at: 1600X1200 All settings High. AA off AF 8X

1st July 2004 05:07

I like the idea of it could be done.

1st July 2004 05:07

I would also like to see some special effects added to FH, as it would really add to the gameplay.

4th July 2004 17:07

Image has been took with all things high including AA and AF.

8th July 2004 05:07


8th July 2004 05:07

For being a huge website like that you would think they would not allow that kind of writing. It re...

18th September 2004 04:09

The new update with the new map pics looks awsome:smokin:

22nd September 2004 05:09

I think it was supercharge. A sandstorm.

24th September 2004 23:09

All settings maxed. AA=8X AF=8X 32 bot game on Goodwood. I might go get some more later.

26th September 2004 16:09

Cool mines up.:) That tiger in the fog is a nice picture.

30th September 2004 20:09

I voted dont care.

8th June 2005 05:06

Very good interviews. I am also hoping there can be Naval battles.

8th June 2005 05:06