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Greetings. This is going to be a bit of a rant, however I thought it would be important for me to...

15th March 2020 00:03

I thought I would continue this conversation on forums...

7th March 2020 14:03

Posted by LysdesticMaple Story with @FileTrekker  ⁠and@belthagor ⁠ ⁠ ⁠Serious answer though, I could...

15th January 2020 20:01

Posted by RadioactiveLobsterBeing banned would solve that. Pls no. Don't turn me into Bannedth...

20th October 2019 17:10

Sorry a bit late to the party. I'm sure everybody and their grandma has discussed this ad nauseam bu...

20th October 2019 16:10

Sorry if I seem annoying. The only reason I mentioned it is it's getting a little annoying for me...

23rd August 2019 19:08

I am using a qwerty keyboard. Your turn.     I also have a midi keyboard.       Do you have...

23rd August 2019 18:08

Do one for the best keyboard ever made!

23rd August 2019 18:08

21st August 2019 18:08

Hello everyone. This is your Moderator and all around overseer, Belthagor. From now on this day w...

14th July 2019 18:07

10th July 2019 20:07

...your undying loyalty to me.

10th June 2019 23:06

LOL @ Filetrekker's hair comment. Epic.

24th May 2019 04:05


1st April 2019 17:04

Uh oh... Filetrekker got bit by a zombie... and ran out of ammo. Overall I enjoyed the playthrough t...

27th January 2019 18:01

Happy New Year!

1st January 2019 18:01

Sorry to interrupt... How many times have you recited the alphabet in your head to reach the curr...

26th September 2018 15:09

Posted by Superfluous CurmudgeonI'm going to install this between me and all my friends. Then all I'...

20th September 2018 03:09

Is this a side-view hamburger, or a top-view hotdog? There are no right answers.

19th September 2018 01:09

Evangelion /thread

16th September 2018 15:09

I would like to suggest Alchemist, also known as Animos. And you get a free game out of it, if you p...

15th September 2018 16:09

Mercedes (Am I doin it right?)

12th September 2018 16:09

Posted by JimmyB76hilarious  (?)im not too familiar with belthagor as yet , i feel kinda be embarras...

8th September 2018 20:09


2nd September 2018 03:09


1st September 2018 19:09