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Sorry icant help mate but just to say that i have the same problem.:uhoh:

1st September 2004 04:09

Guys wots wrong with 'Pavlov', the worst map is definately ship with out a doubt.

1st September 2004 04:09

WiseBoboBoth the MG-34 and MG-42 could be drum-fed.Sorry buddy only the MG-34 could be drum fed.

2nd September 2004 18:09

Definately Eastern and Western Fronts personally i find these the more interesting.

3rd September 2004 20:09

NighteyesWhat is there to ensure that no false accusations will be made? Damn good point mate:moon:...

3rd September 2004 21:09

Yer but it still gives them a bad name regardeless of u playin them or not.

3rd September 2004 21:09

Reven a Celtic fc badge is just as much of topic as a cat.

3rd September 2004 23:09

Hey mate I got my Enfield No.4 Rifle for about Ā£110, I konw you're looking for something a bit rarer...

4th September 2004 00:09

'' I saw a sort movie of this in pc gamer magazine. If mods like this are the f...

4th September 2004 21:09

Nice pics Reven

4th September 2004 21:09

Mac DaddyAnd where is the No.4 lee enfield in that list? Cos thats wat i would vote. It pwns all rif...

5th September 2004 21:09

'The forgoten soldier' by Guy Sajer, it's one of the best ww2 accounts(sp) ive ever read. It's about...

6th September 2004 23:09

Stealth3Povlot is the best map since its the only map where you can snipe in peace. lol i agree mat...

7th September 2004 03:09