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Damn I can't see them, could someone send them 2 me??

23rd April 2004 19:04

So I need to w8 for a faster connection to play online with decent pings, trying to kill the time in...

23rd April 2004 19:04

Darn, this messes my whole idea! I wanted my team to be called the Blood Drinkers, play as Ravage a...

23rd April 2004 23:04

There's a command like this? I don't like messing with my games when I don't know what I'm doing :(

27th April 2004 03:04

Do u even get to fight the Skaarj ClanLord in the Sp "Campaign"?

3rd May 2004 04:05

Dunno why, but suddenly, every character has a Juggernaut voicepack?? All, Malcolm, Xan, the Skaarj,...

3rd May 2004 05:05

The whole game (sry 4 my reaction time, I had to take my comp to the shop for some upgrades...:p )

21st May 2004 16:05