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i pwn all in betatesting

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Hello, im a great Fan of the FH-Team and their work! Thats really amazing guys!:thumbsup: Now to m...

1st August 2003 06:08

Hint 2#: Our biggest target is to release FH BEFORE HL2...

2nd September 2003 21:09

in which case? textures, mapsize? dont forget, this map is WIP, status atm about 5%

1st September 2003 10:09

oh, erm... thx :D i think my sig explain my mistake ^^ sorry for misunderstanding mjr!

1st September 2003 11:09

Nähe Rosenheim, Bad Aibling.

1st September 2003 11:09

the link isnt working for me... :(

1st September 2003 11:09

i dont want to disturb your nice discussion about the Oktoberfest, but plz back to topic. :D

1st September 2003 14:09

Texture-job was completely done with Photoshop7. Also the craters. All the textures are handpainted...

1st September 2003 14:09

we are aiming to the last septemberweek... sorry to dissapoint you :(

2nd September 2003 20:09

Mhirokto the maker : how do you get the textures just on place.. green grass just on top of the sma...

4th September 2003 03:09

Here are some Screens of my 2nd Map for FH, "Gold Beach 1944". I hope you like them :)

1st September 2003 09:09

AFAIK we are doing motorcycles by ourselves :)

9th September 2003 03:09

@Wiking9: I've received Caen already, but there isnt really much done :/ Maybe i will continue bogos...

25th September 2003 04:09

Hi Guys! Im the mapper of Gold Beach and wondering if anybody of you know wich weather was there ov...

2nd October 2003 00:10

found it!?

19th February 2004 06:02

Pierce? any Admin? Time to ban this bastard. :mad: Rad! Dont take this child serious! Hes probabl...

15th April 2004 18:04

@MG42Mainiac.... You got this PE Moonstone in your Buddylist? why? I HATE this bastard, he flamed...

1st September 2004 05:09

42Well I have been playing with him since like March 2003 ,I think hes a pretty kool guy , I agree b...

1st September 2004 23:09

dont be afraid, there will be more defence but not like Omaha. The beach is already captured (corpse...

1st September 2003 10:09

Amazing! :) Cant wait to fly that baby :smokin:

13th August 2003 12:08

Originally posted by judge reinhold I doubt theyll hire you for posting a few screenshots. Maybe yo...

1st August 2003 06:08

As i saw the film "Kampfgeschwader 633" ("Squadron 663") i thought about making a map similar to t...

2nd August 2003 19:08

Originally posted by judge reinhold I enjoyed your topical and well organized numerical list, but I...

1st August 2003 06:08

Originally posted by Robthezombie/mk.2 Hey Beregil what part of Bavaria are you from ? Munich by an...

1st August 2003 07:08

Originally posted by Coolguy Give us a dl link and the team will judge I'll send you a DL-Link wh...

1st August 2003 17:08
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