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anyone know were i can find old versions of desert combat? please help me...

14th August 2004 02:08

guys i just reformated with a clean install of xp,the problem is windows media player it wont start...

7th June 2005 18:06

I think you will find that the wing's were built in filton (bristol) england,at the rollsroyce plant

28th April 2005 17:04

Well ive had no prob's with it what so ever i dunno maby im just lucky!

28th April 2005 17:04

Well i got guidwars the other day,and to be honest im not too impresed with it,i dunno maby it's jus...

2nd May 2005 17:05

Google is my freind! is it "Autism Society of Wisconsin" ? or could it be "A Small World" ? if...

8th May 2005 06:05

It was staged,still made me lauth first time i saw it!

18th May 2005 15:05

Because the people who made it said it was,and also they have done other similer vids too!!

19th May 2005 18:05

nvm i sorted it [EDITEDBY="Reven"]:lock:[/EDITEDBY]

7th June 2005 21:06

Also there is a mod out called 2nd flotila or something like that,it basically give nice cloud effec...

27th April 2005 05:04

Look on gamespot guys,demo is nearly here wayyyyy

10th June 2005 01:06

Guys i would just like to tell you that the demo is now live:naughty: we will be able to download f...

11th June 2005 02:06

thats right it is now live:naughty:and we will be able to download within the hour see you all on t...

11th June 2005 02:06

mate im not lieing just try to get on the bf2 forums it's crazy man

11th June 2005 02:06

gamespot,and if any1 dont belive me check out ea uk forums

11th June 2005 02:06

downloading now,goto gamespot

11th June 2005 02:06

Yes thankyou mr berger for letting us know..nah only j/k guys,woooooooo its finally here

11th June 2005 02:06

Nah nor me it's just the same old crap just different make over

27th April 2005 06:04

Well iv'e played it quiet a bit and i will be honest and say i wasn't to sure at first:naughty:..But...

27th April 2005 05:04

why wont it work

11th June 2005 03:06

Yup me too

23rd April 2005 16:04

I got it today ive only played a few hours and i think its ok,there is a lot of bugs even after 1.1....

23rd April 2005 03:04

Even with all the bugs it is good and yes i can play on max settings but to be honest its not cuttin...

23rd April 2005 05:04

never played it so i could not say

23rd April 2005 05:04

England mate so it's like the first 1

23rd April 2005 06:04