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RTCW all the way! I :bows: RTCW.

2nd August 2004 00:08

An Nforce3 is not a video card, it is a chipset for the motherboard. How do you guys think my syste...

4th August 2004 02:08 Here's our TWL. If...

27th August 2004 01:08

Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome. We play on the Speakeasy OSP servers and are register...

27th August 2004 01:08

You need a new vid card dude. I would even want to play Quake 3 on it!

9th August 2004 23:08

Try downloading The All Seeing eye server browser. DO a search for it on

6th August 2004 04:08

2v2 CTF in MP, and being able to change the FOV in MP. Also adding Punkbuster in MP, like in Quake 3...

6th August 2004 02:08

Run it on medium at 800*600. I run it on low at 640*480 and it still looks better than any other gam...

4th August 2004 22:08

I for one, like the MP. It is a great example of the classic Deathmatch. Nothing but fragging, just...

4th August 2004 21:08

Urak'kulif this happends to me, im gonna go nuts -_-I was just thinking the same thing. :eek:

4th August 2004 03:08

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1.53ghz) ATI Radeon 9100 Pro 128mb DDR 512mb DDR ram Do you think I can run o...

4th August 2004 02:08

Sounds sick if it works.

3rd August 2004 23:08

Out of all the ones I've played OSP is the best, mainly because I am a competitive player. Well, I...

2nd August 2004 00:08

There is a t-storm here right now, too bad d3 isnt.

3rd August 2004 20:08

Well, I just tried Degeneration, and it's great. I highly reccomend it for someoe looking for someth...

2nd August 2004 23:08

Im gonna try it on easy first, than if it's too easy Ill go to medium I guess.

2nd August 2004 23:08

Pinky rox!!

2nd August 2004 23:08

You're lucky. I dont get mine until wednesday because I'm in Canada.

2nd August 2004 19:08

I like RTCW better, there is no competition in ET. All the servers I have played on are full of lame...

2nd August 2004 04:08

That's a sick song. Thanks for the link.

2nd August 2004 00:08

That guy is lucky. Wonder if there is any MP servers up yet. :uhm:

2nd August 2004 00:08

I have a hard time believing that it is only 2. It would have to be at the very least 3. :uhm:

2nd August 2004 00:08

I was psyched about ET until I played it. I hope that if they do make a RTCW 2, that is more like RT...

2nd August 2004 00:08 That's our soite, yes it sucks right now bu...

28th August 2004 21:08