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does internet multiplayer cost any money? if it does,please tell me how much.I haven't got the game...

16th March 2003 19:03

Other than creep into their houses at night and Kill them, their families and friends and burn their...

22nd April 2003 05:04

good (kamikaze dont just end the sentance so you can have a chance to make fun of me)

21st April 2003 00:04

Traxil,do you live in alberta? (in canada) anyway,I'm from New zealand,A.K.A Aotearoa (It means "la...

21st April 2003 05:04

I want to have 2 votes; english and america. why?: English: their funny accents (sorry if you find t...

21st April 2003 06:04

maybe they took away the comments because people flooded the place with: CRAPPY PICCY! LOLOL U MODS...

21st April 2003 06:04

what is fh about??

21st April 2003 06:04

nope.....where is the pic? is it at bf1942 files? anyway,about the skipping thing,like I said they w...

21st April 2003 06:04

yeah,the bots cant even handle complex machinary (doorknobs,light switches,books etc)

21st April 2003 06:04

I checked it and my thoughts: Its a fake,because in the map it shows that the person is in a tank,bu...

21st April 2003 07:04


21st April 2003 18:04

:stallard: look at his hand........he's doing scissors! scissors beats paper!:dance: :dance: :dance...

21st April 2003 20:04

I still say that we should MELT THEIR BALLS!!!

21st April 2003 20:04

If you get mad at the comp (because other players are whopping you) you can shove a cigar in the mon...

21st April 2003 20:04

If they complain,just say you were playing with frisbees and you threw them out of control due to wh...

21st April 2003 21:04


22nd April 2003 05:04

either me (please,for my prides sake dont say no) or Vanthem.why vanthem? he's a medic with a BASEBA...

22nd April 2003 05:04

yeah and saying That you arent going to see it is like: "I'll go and kill myself tomorrow"

20th April 2003 20:04

Because people like wannabeatle like having burnt pies.

22nd April 2003 05:04

(ES)Kamikaze (i am not trying to have revenge,I am trying to put this in a nice way)

22nd April 2003 22:04

He'll be out before the fight even starts :lol: :lol: :lol:

22nd April 2003 22:04

I dont live in tim buck too.:lol: :lol: :lol:

22nd April 2003 22:04

I hate the matrix the first was a snozxzze feast, I bet#2 will be just as bad are you retarded? It...

22nd April 2003 22:04

Yes.........its amazing that the matrix 2 is gonna surpass the original.The original was amazingly,g...

23rd April 2003 03:04


23rd April 2003 05:04