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8th July 2003 05:07


2nd July 2003 03:07

hehe thnx alot you guys! im really enjoying sharing the art with you all. Vanthem I messaged n00dle...

2nd July 2003 05:07

you're a *****...you make childish drawings of something that you have nothing to do with and think...

2nd July 2003 10:07

I absolutly love DC! its really action packed! Not saying EOD isnt but with DC there is more of that...

2nd July 2003 10:07


2nd July 2003 16:07

hey whats wrong with making cartoons about a game I love?? Im into art, does that explain now? :) D...

3rd July 2003 00:07

hehe thnx you guys! :rock:

3rd July 2003 14:07

yikes sorry about the title guys? i couldnt think of anything more suiting..... should i change it o...

8th July 2003 13:07

29th June 2003 06:06

note , this is made from scratch using ms paint! :-) it Kinda relates to BF1942 doesnt it? at least...

13th July 2003 07:07

*blush* you guys are great! thnx...glad you guys dig it!

13th July 2003 12:07

i shoulda made it where the dog gets hit instead of the duck :P

14th July 2003 06:07


16th July 2003 08:07

hehe thnx guys! glad you like! :D

17th July 2003 21:07

um i wasnt mad just felt like drawing... hehe you weirdo.

2nd August 2003 03:08

Enjoy :) :beer:

2nd February 2004 05:02

hehehe thanks guys! glad you like :)

2nd February 2004 12:02

1st July 2003 02:07


28th June 2003 07:06

hope ya like it! :frog:

20th June 2003 17:06

Yea i know what you're thinking.. "Another N00B got ahold of the editor" Wrong!!! Ive been making ma...

14th June 2003 04:06

for more info or questions...stop by BFNATION :deal:

14th June 2003 04:06

yea make your own map! hehe like me! Walmarts Map Bloodbath

14th June 2003 04:06

weeee :fistpunch:

20th June 2003 08:06
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