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There's even a Citadel-only server running, but unfortunately it's empty most time... :uhm:

10th September 2003 20:09

Hope they'll include a bit torrent link, but I think i will dl it over night...

26th September 2003 19:09

Well 115kb/s here, but anyway I'll try to download it via Bit Torrent overnight. *just hopes there w...

27th September 2003 02:09

Well at least s.o. official telling us sth ;) btw will there be a bit torrent link?

27th September 2003 05:09

Now just get us europeans a nice euro link, like the resistance link for the mappack ;)

27th September 2003 07:09

*still waits for an euro mirror*

27th September 2003 07:09

At least I got the mappack within 10min... :rolleyes:

27th September 2003 08:09

*starts bugging* euro mirrors too?

27th September 2003 08:09

Trying to, but it's hard to get a place in downlaod heaven ;)

27th September 2003 08:09

Yeah! I'm downloading it...

27th September 2003 08:09